Empowering Students With Special Needs Through Virtual Reality

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About Us


Software Creation

We build cognitive games and simulations for Canada's youth with a broad range of special needs. We also build specialized programs geared towards specific special needs, such as Autism. 


Multi-Sensory Environments

 We have created a multi-sensory environment in virtual reality, thus eliminating the need for physical space. Our Virtual room is practical and mobile, and the benefits can be found in a school environment or at home. Non-mobile children with special needs are able to fully experience our room compared to a traditional physical multi-sensory environment.


Virtual Reality Installation

 ​We provide a full setup of the Virtual Reality system. This includes our cognitive games and the virtual multi-sensory room. We include our own software during the installation to save you time and money. 

William Koester


CEO and Co-founder
Software Developer

Undergrad Nanotechnology engineering student at the University of Waterloo

Colin Taugher


CFO and Co-founder
In charge of all business relations ​

Undergrad BBA student at Wilfrid
Laurier University

Michael Wood


Head Software Developer
​Undergrad Nanotechnology engineering student at the University of Waterloo

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