Forest Multisensory Environment


This space transcends the student into a calming forest scene. The student can wave their hands and the virtual wands deliver sprinkles throughout the forest. Nature-inspired music adds to the calming effect. This space can be a beneficial tool to those who are over stimulated and need a relaxing virtual reality outlet. 


This space is a blank canvas. With the sunset horizon as your backdrop, the student uses the paint brush to release their creativity and build a masterpiece. They can choose up to 5 colours. This space is ideal for students who like to express themselves creatively.  This provides aid when students are very over stimulated due to the increase level of concentration they use when drawing the images, they see in their mind.

Space Theatre


The student can enter into this virtual reality space to view a movie or show. Perfect for escaping the overwhelming sensory inputs of their daily environment.


This MSE provides light stimulation around the edge of the environment.  The added feature of bubble tubes surrounding the user attracts the users concentration to focus on popping the bubbles.  This MSE provides vestibular therapy by the interaction of the bubbles as well as the auditory stimulation of the popping noise that goes along with each bubble.



This MSE incorporates sensory stimulation and release into one.  It provides the user with an experience to reach out and grab the glass objects on the table.  As well, providing the ability to break them by throwing them at the glass panes or by dropping them.  This release mixed with the constant vestibular movement creates a very stimulating environment. 


This cognitive game is created to allow students to build structures like houses, by guiding them along with a real blueprint that adds more pieces in real time. This allows the students to learn about puzzle solving and focus.